Tips for Writing Your 2012 Marketing Plan to Attract Great Candidates

February 26th, 2012

If you haven’t yet drafted your 2012 marketing plan, it’s time to get this meaningful task underway. Businesses need to be focused on designing marketing plans that not only help grow brand awareness to bring in sales, but also to attract the best candidates to fill challenging roles. It’s especially important for small businesses to complete their marketing plans as early in the year as possible to get off to a great start.

Read on to learn a few tips for writing a 2012 marketing plan to create a winning strategy for your business, from a growth and staffing standpoint.

Get a marketing plan started, now!

Whether you think so or not, every business needs a strong marketing plan at the start of the new year. You cannot have a successful year without one, because without a clear plan, your business is just staying afloat. A marketing plan is like a map, leading you through tough times and helping you find success by keeping you on track all year long. If you don’t get this started now, you may never find real success as a company, or the people you bring on board. Let’s get started now before you find one more excuse not to do this.

Remember what last year was like.

If you are like many companies, you may have had a tumultuous year with a lot of stress. While your business may have experienced a few positive moments, chances are you also experienced a lot of worry. The country is still recovering so it’s highly likely this year may be a tough one as well, but it can be a much more productive and profitable one if you get your marketing plan ready. This will help you not have a repeat of all the bad things that last year brought.

What are your goals?

The reason we asked you to think about last year is simple. Did you reach your goals? Why or why not? Did you even have goals that were realistic, or were you just merely trying to survive? As you start writing your goals for this year, step back and consider your mission statement and how it ties into your planning for this year. Then write a marketing plan based on attainable, and measurable goals.

For example, if you are a company that’s focused on being the top seller of widgets this year, then your goals will be number based. A marketing plan will look at several things, from how much your widgets should cost to consumers to materials needed and the number of staff to produce these numbers. Set a number that you feel comfortable managing, given your current and future expansion plan.

Eliminate obstacles in 2012

A marketing plan can also help you to avoid many of the pitfalls and obstacles you may have encountered in previous years. Can you learn something about the mistakes that were made in production of your widgets, the materials you used, or the manpower you needed? Did you spend too much in any of these areas? This year’s marketing plan needs to have a fresh approach, with new ways of handling problems that may arise.

If you are unsure where to start in terms of your staffing needs, be sure to get in touch with the Suburban Group today for support with making your marketing plan a reality. You’ll reach the summit and find success this year when you partner with our caring team of recruiters.

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